Thursday, September 28, 2006

CCCX #2- Final Race At East Garrison Army Barracks

The CCCX Cross series will host race #2 this coming sunday Oct 1st at the East Garrison area of the former Army Base at Ft Ord. This is a special event, as it will be the last bicycle race in this area of the former Army barracks. A housing development is starting construction, and it took serious negotiations with the land owners, but they are allowing one final cycling event. This area has hosted both District Road and Cross championships in the past, and its open space and closed roads are great for all types of recreational and competitive cycling. The Central Coast races will still be able to use the Day Camp area where Mtn Bike and Cross races are held, but this is the final curtain call for cycling in the building area of East Garrison. This upcoming course will be similar to years past with a few additions added in to spice things up. There is a long pavement section and some short elevation gains, mixed in with some technical single track sections and one solid running section. Also if the weather permits and the sky is clear, the Salinas Air Show is scheduled during all of the cross races and Airplane action can be viewed from the Cross course in many areas. There will be fighter jets and stunt pilots and all kinds of daredevils in action...... and that is just the Cross racers! The Airplane's will also be flying overhead too! CCCX will have Medals in all divisions for top placing's, larger groups will receive medals five deep. There will also be cash paid out to Elite division's and choice Cal Giant Strawberries to each winner. We hope you can make this last chance to compete in this wonderful open space area for bicycle riding before it becomes a city center.

Here is a list of top finishers from CCCX #1 at Manzanita Park in Prunedale.

1 939 10 laps @ 58'03'' Barry Wicks KONA Santa Cruz
2 929 16'' Simon Vickers HRS/Rock Lobster Los Gatos
3 926 34'' Mark Noble California Raisins Oxnard
4 924 51'' Chris McGovern Sonic Cycles Cross Nevada City
5 942 1'23'' Justin Robinson Cal Giant/Specialized Santa Cruz
6 927 1'28 Chance Noble Cal Giant/Specialized Camarillo
7 931 2'49'' Joshua Snead HRS/Rock Lobster Larkspur
8 921 3'05'' Aaron Kereluk HRS/Rock Lobster Soquel
9 923 3'18'' Cameron Falconer Hunter/DFL Fairfax
10 946 3'31'' Jason Rahlwes Fox Racing Shox Capitola
11 940 3'48'' John Funke SYCIP San Francisco
12 943 4'03'' Rob Evans HRS/Rock Lobster Los Gatos
13 932 4'04'' Michael Hernandez Safeway/Greezers Aptos
14 936 5'08'' Brian Vernor Hunter Cycles Santa Cruz
15 925 5'12'' Gary Hanson Amgen Woodland Hills
16 999 5'29'' Keith Defiebre LaPierre/Ritchey/ Calabassas Prunedale
17 930 5'44'' Pat Rocchi Monterey
18 937 6'12'' Aron Bonar SYCIP Berkeley
19 949 6'42'' Aaron O'Dell HRS/Rock Lobster Los Gatos
20 944 6'53'' Tim Granshaw LaPierre/Ritchey Palo Alto

1 313 6 laps @ 39'43 Sarah Kerlin Velo-Bella/KONA Capitola
2 316 11'' Stella Carey HRS/Rock Lobster Soquel
3 318 13'' Shelley Olds HRS/Rock Lobster Los Gatos
4 317 1'11'' Melodie Metzger Cal Giant/Specialized Berkeley
5 312 1'19'' Josie Beggs Cal Giant/Specialized Capitola
6 319 2'09'' Hollie McGovern Sonic Cycle Cross Nevada City
7 314 2'57'' Katrina Baumstieger Black Market Racing Templeton
8 315 3'04'' Ann Fitzsimmins Velo-Bella/KONA Morgan Hill
9 321 4'40'' Beverly Chaney Roaring Mouse Cycles Carmel
10 320 4'45'' Kathleen Hannon Freewheel Bike Shop San Francisco

1 733 7 laps @ 41'46'' Henry Kramer Cal Giant Menlo Park
2 721 9'' Gannon Myall Cal Giant LaFayette
3 706 14'' Jesse Scatton Bullseye/East Sac. Sacramento
4 739 39'' Mark Howland Black Market Racing Aptos
5 731 56'' Anastasio Flores Jr. Cal Giant La Selva Beach
6 730 59'' Todd Hoefer Cal Giant Watsonville
7 723 1'44'' TimThompson FlossAid San Jose
8 720 1'47'' Mark Abele Boure/Cane Creek Concord
9 714 1'55'' Brij Lunine Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Santa Cruz
10 734 2'16'' Ceasar Chavez San Jose

1 608 7 laps @ 43'59'' Robert Meighan Eurocycling Imports San Jose
2 620 53'' Thomas Feix Pen Velo Moss Beach
3 624 1'33'' Cass Laizure Boure' Oakland
4 628 2'24'' Norm Kriess Eurocycling Imports Berkeley
5 615 2'52'' Don Langley Morgan Stanley/ Specialized/ 24hr. Morgan
6 606 2'54'' Keith Henderson Team Bicycle Trip Santa Cruz
7 613 3'32'' Billy Hall LGBRC/Easton/ Specialized Monterey
8 619 3'52'' John Brown Family Cycling Center Santa Cruz
9 618 4'09'' Paule Bates Roaring Mouse Cycles San Francisco
10 623 Alex Anderson Team Santa Cruz/SCCCC Santa Cruz

1 453 10 laps @1.03'21'' Pat Schott Felton
2 445 9 laps @ 58'33'' Kurt Gensheimer Campbell

3 490 1'07'' Brue Syvertsen DFL San Francisco
4 443 2'39'' Ceasar Chavez San Jose

5 455 3'31'' Eric Ebbertoth Bay Bikes Seaside
6 438 5'22'' Brock Dickie Capitola
7 439 5'29'' Joe Fabris Fightin Bobas/Trailhead Cyclery Los Gatos
8 409 6'55'' John Cheetham EMC/Velum Pleasanton
9 405 8 laps @ 58'10'' Eric Thunstrom Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Boulder
10 419 12'' Travis Tonn San Jose Bike Club Campbell

1 101 7 laps @ 51'44'' Alejandro Martinez Cal Giant Santa Cruz
2 117 10'' Stacey Sell Fox Racing Prunedale
3 109 1'05'' Harley Constantin Pegasus Danville
4 118 2'34'' Max Clifford Team N.O.T.S. San Anselmo
5 105 2'40'' Joe Lavelle Specialized Morgan Hill
6 125 2'58'' Geoff Wilcox BHS Los Altos
7 122 3'00'' Joe Ernst SYCIP Alameda
8 113 3'09'' Alex Work Santa Cruz
9 116 3'14'' Damian Handisides HUP United San Carlos
10 107 3'19'' Jeff Bronack Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Santa Cruz

MENS B 35+
1 414 7 laps @ 52'02'' Mitch Bramlett Scotts Valley Cycle Sport
Scotts Valley
2 406 25'' Thomas Fox Stinson Beach
3 423 26'' Mike Holt San Jose Bike Club San Jose
4 403 1'19'' Dave Schindehette Pegasus Los Gatos
5 416 1'22'' Morgan Fletcher SFSSPT Oakland
6 426 1'29'' Eric Nelson Santa Cruz
7 418 2'19'' Ben Lerner Art's SLO Cyclery S.L.O.
8 412 2'25'' Chris Baker Soquel
9 435 2'30'' Mark Fitzsimmons Fox Racing Shox Morgan Hill
10 402 2'55'' John Cheetham EMC/Velum Pleasanton

MENS B 45+
1 711 7 laps @ 55'36'' Clu Cottler Cyclepath Bike Shop Fresno
2 703 1'' Erik Salander Kondra Systems/Pen Velo Belmont
3 707 3'' Matt Dunstan Scotts Valley cycle Sport Boulder Creek
4 722 6 laps @ 51'25'' Jeff Crfton Pen Velo Half Moon Bay
5 701 31'' Bruce Lodge Black Market Racing Tuolmne

MENS 55+
1 311 6 laps @ 55'53'' Frank Cuaresma San Jose Bike Club San Jose
2 310 5 laps @ 51'38'' Ron Riley Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Aptos

1 10 7 laps @ 52'37'' Omar Sison Pegasus Oakland
2 14 3'51'' Michael Mann Team Performance Marina
3 11 4'03'' Andrew may Pegasus Dublin

1 6 5 laps @ 42'16'' Paul Ellison San Francisco
2 4 1'23'' Timothy Gonzales FLOW Fresno
3 9 2'25'' Michael Holzer GoBagger San Jose
4 3 2'26'' Ryan Williams FLOW Oakland
5 5 2'55'' Jeff Kazan Raliegh Bicycles San Jose

JR. MEN 14-18
1 910 5 laps @ 38'57'' Logan Loader Alan Factory Seaside
2 915 8'' Jeremy Blalock Monterey
3 916 1'07'' Michael Landry HRS/Rock Lobster Santa Cruz
4 914 1'46'' Taylor Shamshoian Scotts Valley Cycle Sport Scotts
5 907 2'35'' Miles Payton Another Bike Shop Santa Cruz
6 902 3'37'' Pedro Bonilla Cal Giant Santa Cruz
7 903 3'54'' Jesse Nickell Jr. Bicycle Trip/SCCCC Santa Cruz
8 909 3'59'' Paul Sales Rad Racing Santa Cruz
9 913 4'16'' Jack Fogelquist Scotts Valley Cycle Sport Scotts Valley
10 912 5'13'' Carl Dawson Santa Cruz

JR. 13 & under
1 309 5 laps @ 45'00'' Bjorn Fox Stinson Beach
2 307 4 laps @ 39'25'' Raymond Mendoza Bicycle Trip/SCCCC Santa Cruz
3 303 6'' Andrew Bolton Bicycle Trip Santa Cruz
4 302 17'' Jordan Vandersoep Bicycle Trip Soquel
5 301 1'57'' Oliver Nickell Bicycle Trip/SCCCC Santa Cruz

1 417 6 laps @ 43'02'' Kathleen London Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Santa
2 442 1'51'' Rona Hung HRS/Rock Lobster San Francisco
3 451 3'35'' Mary-Anne Hunter Hunter Cycles Santa Cruz
4 454 4'14'' Kate Lynch Cal Giant San Jose
5 452 5 laps @ 42'29'' Rita Celeste Leon Babes on Mountain Bikes
6 449 2'' Soni Andeini-Poulsen Velo Bella Arnold
7 422 41'' Chris Ernst S.F. Sport & Spine Alameda
8 450 42'' Karen Kefauver Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Santa Cruz
9 448 4'44'' Kelley Miller Velo Bella/Bicycle Trip Watsonville
10 447 4 laps @ 42'15" Mary Perez Velo Bella Campbell

1 622 6 laps @ 43'54'' Allison Baumhefner Norcal Velo Glen Allen
2 609 1'39'' Shawna Potocky Spokesman Bicycles Santa Cruz
3 604 2'05'' Julianna Perry Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Santa Cruz
4 633 5 laps @ 41'15'' Marisha Chilcott Oakland
5 635 49" Winona Hubbard Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Santa Cruz
6 634 50" Melinda Jones Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Santa Cruz
7 611 57" Amy Abele Velo Bella/KONA Concord
8 632 1'46" Julie Brothers HRS/Rock Lobster Los Gatos
9 601 2'01" Martha Mendoza Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Santa Cruz
10 616 4 laps @ 39'34'' Betty Jordan Velo Bella/KONA Walnut Creek

1 126 4 laps @ 35'00'' Melanie Michalak Hazards/Orbea Santa Cruz
2 127 1'15 Jenny Feix 2 Kids & a Mortgage Moss Beach
3 120 2'20'' Lauren Haughey S.F. Sport& Spine Oakland
4 123 3'43'' Susan Browm Salinas

1 602 4 laps @ 40'23'' Laney Aldridge Bicycle Trip Santa Cruz

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New for 2006 Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross Series

Pilarcitos CycleSports
732 Fairfield Road
Burlingame, CA 94010

New for 2006 Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross Series

We’ll be consulting with our Santa Clara County Ranger partners this weekend to confirm which of 3 course options will be available for the season kickoff of the Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross Series, presented by Accelerade. Depending upon County construction plans, we may still get Option #1 that includes a circuit of the Hellyer Park velodrome on every lap. We’ll get word out as soon as we know the County’s plans.

But we have several new features for the 2006 series, now entering it’s 4th season. 2 new categories have been added – Masters 55+ (one of the Pilarcitos partners qualifies for the category and will never forget “His People!”) and Women Masters 35+. Incidentally, for many years Women competitors have had to deal with other riders warming up on the circuit during their races and potentially disrupting their event. For 2006 Women will be our final headline event of the day and should have the course completely clear for their races.

Accelerade “Perfect Attendance awards” – for our competitors who complete all 5 events this season, we’ll present them with special limited edition/collectors item BASPS cycling caps at CCCP in December. Last year almost 80 riders completed the whole series.

Who’s got the best ‘cross team in Northern California? In 2006 the “Roaring Mouse Team Competition” will determine exactly who has the biggest and best ‘cross team with every team member who starts scoring points in addition to top performers adding even more luster to their squadra.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

CCCX #1 This Sunday at Manzanita Park + 3 New Categories

Addendum to the the previous CCCX PR

3 new catagories have been added to the CCCX Series: C Women, B Single Speed, and Master 55+ Divisions.

NorCal Cyclocross racing action heats up this weekend with race #1 of the Central Coast Cyclocross Series held at Manzanita Park in Prunedale. This race course has hosted the NCNCA District Cross Championships in 2000, and is a great place to compete, and enjoy the racing action. The race route will be similar to years past, with pavement, dirt, sand, and grass sections featured. There will also be a little single track mixed in with a steep run up to apply pain and pressure to NorCal's talented group of Cyclocross racing fanatics.

Medals will be awarded to top finishers in each group, along with some choice strawberries provided by CCCX sponsor Cal Giant Strawberry Inc. Elite Women, Elite Men, and Master 35+ A Men will be racing for an instant cash payout to top three at the finish. Master 45+ A Men will also be presented an instant cash payout if there are over 20 racers in the group.

The Prunedale event starts back to back weekends of Cross racing for the Central Coast Series. The following sunday, October 1st, race #2 of the CCCX series will take place at the East Garrison portion of Ft Ord in Monterey. This area of the former Army Base has also hosted the NCNCA District Cross Championships in 1999, and is a popular venue for cycle racing. Following the two CCCX events these next two weekends are 7 straight weekends of either Bay Area Super Prestige races, or Surf City races. Race #3 of the CCCX series will be taking place on Nov. 26.

Be sure and bring some sun screen as the weather is going to be seasonably warm and there is no rain expected........ although, rumor has it that there will be sprinklers turned on for some water distribution to simulate foul weather conditions. This is the 9th season of Cyclocross racing for the Central Coast Series. This coming sunday's event at Manzanita Park will be Cross race #51 presented by the CCCX series for Northern California's Cyclocross racers. The CCCX promoters would like to thank everyone who has attended these events and strapped up their helmets to give it a go! CCCX would also like to thank its sponsors- Fox Racing Shox, Ritchey, Cal Giant Strawberry Inc., Hot Shoppe Design Factory, Family Cycling Center, Scotts
Valley Cycle Sport, Calabazas Cyclery, Joselyn's Bikes, Castro Valley Cyclery, Pegasus Bicycle Works.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


JacquesMayniacs rejoice...Ben is back and he's got a new team...

Cyclocross World PR

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cyclocross Race to Benefit White Hill Middle School in Fairfax

A cyclocross race is scheduled for Saturday, 28 October 2006 to benefit White Hill Middle School in Fairfax, CA. Like many other California schools, White Hill faces continued lack of funding for many key programs and supplies. This event will help the school bridge some of the funding gaps. Given the strong ties and historical significance cycling has in this community, and the active lifestyles of community members, this event presents an opportunity to generate funds for the school via a unique and healthy event that mirrors the values and interests of the community, says race organizer Brian Bruckner. The race will be USAC permitted (pending) and is being organized by Big Swingin' Cycles of San Francisco, with the help of the White Hill Middle School Parent Club. Complete details and registration information is available on the website.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Bay Area Super Prestige CycloCross Series Returns to Hellyer Park

After an 8 year hiatus CycloCross returns to San Jose’s Hellyer Park as the opening round of the Bay Area Super Prestige Series. Last used as a course in 1998 when “Super Cup” completed their West Coast swing during a very wet December date, Pilarcitos Cyclesports will have a dry and firm course with 2 options approved by the Ranger staff at Hellyer Park.

Option “A” will focus primarily on the open and hilly grassland immediately behind the Velodrome and potentially each lap will include a tour of the Velodrome, a la Paris Roubaix. This course option is contingent upon track construction schedules - the County has fall plans to improve and repair parts of the Velodrome that may prevent use of the track itself.

Option “B” will use more of the creekside grass lands and the Yerba Buena and Sylvandale group areas for it’s circuit. The Rangers have approved the use of the lawn areas bordering the picnic sites – so for those who lament the fact that Northern California ‘cross courses never feature grass – here you go. Careful what you wish for – this lawn is tough and in October can withstand a ‘cross race but is it ever bumpy! Oh my stars and garters….

Round 2 of the 5-race series returns to Candlestick Point for the 4th time – ground squirrel dodge ‘em but new for 2006 – portable water sprays to reduce the dust from the loose, sandy soil at one of our favorite locations.

Round 3 remains in San Francisco as we discover a new site – McLaren Park, just a ¼ mile up the road from the Cow Palace. This very scenic but under- utilized SF park promises a host of challenging course features with potentially the longest run-ups in BASP circuits.

Round 4 returns to Golden Gate Park with a slightly modified course from last year’s GP Clark Natwick. After consultations with Park staff regarding a particularly sensitive area of the Polo Fields used in 2005, riders will again enjoy that great uphill finish on Middle Drive familiar to entrants in 2004.

And the finale of the 2006 season will return for the 9th time to the beach at Coyote Point with CCCP (Cyclo Cross @ Coyote Point) with the stirring voices of the Soviet Red Army Chorus serenading riders through the eucalyptus groves and beach sand.

Pilarcitos CycleSports
732 Fairfield Road
Burlingame, CA 94010