Thursday, November 13, 2008

Central Coast Series #4 - Fort Ord

Central Coast Series Race #4

This Sunday in Ft. Ord The CCCX Series is geared up for Nor-Cal Cyclocross action with back to back weekends of racing.

First up, the Central Coast Series resumes this coming Sunday Nov. 16 at Ft. Ord near the D.O.D. Building, where CCCX Race #1 was contested. The race route will be different in direction and will use other sections of this area then the previous event. However the registration and parking will be the same as race #1, as well as the start/finish area. The course looks to be a mixture of fire roads, twisting trails, tight turns, open sections of sand, combined with two distinct sections of pavement. This course will be a special route that favors turning and tactics, as much as power and speed. This area of Ft. Ord is a cycling playground so be sure and enjoy the trails and closed roads on what looks to be a awesome weekend for riding.

Then the following Sunday, at CCCX #5, will be the ever important USA Cycling sanctioned NCNCA District Championships held at Manzanita Park in Prunedale on Nov. 23.

This Sunday California Giant Inc. will be providing Strawberries to go along with CCCX medals for all podium finishers in each division. Cash will be handed out to top finishers in Elite Men's. Elite Women's, Master 35+ A Men, and Master 45+ A Men divisions.

Please remember that the podium presentations will take place directly following each event, so if you make the top placing get ready for some Cal Giant Inc. Strawberries right away!

Also up for grabs are valuable series points, as many of the divisions have close point battles going for overall honors.

The CCCX Series has been very fortunate to have great photographers film the racing exploits in the past. Rick Rasmusen takes stellar photos and his excellent work can be seen here....

For the past NCNCA Cup event at Laguna Seca, Nancy Wright of AbbiOrca fame captured some epic photos on that demanding course. The AbbiOrca work can be found here.........

Thanks goes out to those excellent photographers for making the CCCX racers look so good! Here is a link to the CCCX Series point totals going into race #4....

Directions to the event are posted here....

Please drive carefully, and keep it slow in Ft. Ord. Have a great weekend and thanks for racing!


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