Thursday, November 13, 2008

BASP Sierra Point Race Saturday Night!

From Tom Simpson:

We'll have the course for Round 3 of the Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross Series, presented by Kaiser-Permanente/Team Oakland, ready for pre-rides tomorrow afternoon, for interested and adventurous riders. Pins and poles will be there to outline the circuit - remember red tops on your right hand side, white caps on the left, and we'll be putting the finishing touches onto the circuit saturday morning. The course is completely open for warmups until we start racing at 2:00 pm, and then the following schedule will give you a little more warm-up than usual.


Category Start time Distance

"C" Men, Master 55 2:00 pm 40 minutes
20 minute warm-up period
Juniors, "C" Women 3:00 pm 30 minutes
30 minute warm-up period
Master 35/45 "B" 4:00 pm 40 minutes
20 minute warm-up period
"B" Men 5:00 pm 45 minutes
15 minute warm-up period
"A", "B", Mas. Women 6:00 pm 40 minutes
20 minute warm-up period
Master 35/45 "A" 7:00 pm 45 minutes
15 minute warm-up period
"A" Men, SS 8:00 pm 60 minutes

Registration will open no later than 1:00 pm

As a result of significant field sizes in 5 of our events, call-ups will be extended to the top 20 for the start of the following events

"A" Men
"B" Men
"C" Men
Master 35+ "A"
Master 35+ "B"

Please visit our website for current series standings. We will begin rider callups 5 minutes prior to the start of these events.

Award ceremonies for our final 3 events will be held at one time after our final race of the evening.

And please note our regular schedule will return for the final 2 events in the 2008 Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross Series. We have 15 construction light units that we hope will turn Sierra Point into a spectacular chance for a Cyclocross extravaganza!

Tom & Alec Simpson
Pilarcitos Cyclesports
& Our Very Loud Mice partners

Central Coast Series #4 - Fort Ord

Central Coast Series Race #4

This Sunday in Ft. Ord The CCCX Series is geared up for Nor-Cal Cyclocross action with back to back weekends of racing.

First up, the Central Coast Series resumes this coming Sunday Nov. 16 at Ft. Ord near the D.O.D. Building, where CCCX Race #1 was contested. The race route will be different in direction and will use other sections of this area then the previous event. However the registration and parking will be the same as race #1, as well as the start/finish area. The course looks to be a mixture of fire roads, twisting trails, tight turns, open sections of sand, combined with two distinct sections of pavement. This course will be a special route that favors turning and tactics, as much as power and speed. This area of Ft. Ord is a cycling playground so be sure and enjoy the trails and closed roads on what looks to be a awesome weekend for riding.

Then the following Sunday, at CCCX #5, will be the ever important USA Cycling sanctioned NCNCA District Championships held at Manzanita Park in Prunedale on Nov. 23.

This Sunday California Giant Inc. will be providing Strawberries to go along with CCCX medals for all podium finishers in each division. Cash will be handed out to top finishers in Elite Men's. Elite Women's, Master 35+ A Men, and Master 45+ A Men divisions.

Please remember that the podium presentations will take place directly following each event, so if you make the top placing get ready for some Cal Giant Inc. Strawberries right away!

Also up for grabs are valuable series points, as many of the divisions have close point battles going for overall honors.

The CCCX Series has been very fortunate to have great photographers film the racing exploits in the past. Rick Rasmusen takes stellar photos and his excellent work can be seen here....

For the past NCNCA Cup event at Laguna Seca, Nancy Wright of AbbiOrca fame captured some epic photos on that demanding course. The AbbiOrca work can be found here.........

Thanks goes out to those excellent photographers for making the CCCX racers look so good! Here is a link to the CCCX Series point totals going into race #4....

Directions to the event are posted here....

Please drive carefully, and keep it slow in Ft. Ord. Have a great weekend and thanks for racing!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

BASP this Sunday - Mud on a Stick?

From Tom Simpson:

We've checked all of our photos and records and believe you can count on the fingers from 1/2 of 1 hand the number of wet Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross events in history. Just 2, as a matter of fact, way back in December of '03 at a windy, drenched Coyote Point and January of '04 on a separate Coyote Point circuit no longer in use. Except for those 2 events, it's been a duh-rye run ever since. Since 2004 riders have had more concern with the problems of dust than the wet, messy stuff.

But a fall storm window may have opened up for this weekend's 2nd round of the Bay Area Super Prestige Series, presented by Kaiser-Permanente/Team Oakland. As of 8:00 pm wednesday night, we stand a decent chance of soft (OK, "Softer") ground at Candlestick Point for Round 2. Showers are forecast for tomorrow night (80% opportunity), showers are forecast for friday (another 80%er) and actual rain on Saturday. Not nearly so much fun for the Pilarcitos and Roaring Mice crews building the circuit - but they'll have everything ready for pre-ride by 3:00 pm.

And Sunday, you ask? Less than 40% chance of showers on race day itself - sounds like Candlestick will be the Vortex of Cyclocross! Wonder how the ground squirrels will handle that action?

Past Candlestick Elite Division winners include:

2004 - Brent Prenzlow and Gina Hall in the first weekend.
2004 - Daniele Pontoni and Gina again in the 2nd Candlestick weekend
2005 - Aaron Odell and Christine Vardaros in the 1st weekend
2005 - Andy Jacques-Maynes and Melodie Metzger in the 2nd weekend
2006 - Justin Robinson and Shelly Olds
2007 - Justin Robinson and Kathleen Hannon

and for Masters

2004 - Chris D'Aluisio 1st weekend
2004 - Chris D'Aluisio 2nd weekend
2005 - James Coats 1st weekend
2005 - David Eastwood 2nd weekend
2006 - Steve Reaney
2007 - Gannon Myall

Softer course? Who's the "mudder" (or "sander") among the favorites for Candlestick)?

Round 2 starts off with HRS/Rock Lobster leading both Elite Men and Women's standings as Josh Snead rode to a 44 second victory over Robinson, the defending ‘07 series champ as the '08 season opened at McLaren Park. Robinson has mastered a dry and dusty Candlestick for 2 years running – with softer ground, no dust in ‘08 – does that play into his strengths? Snead finished 3rd last year, and in ’06 just 12 seconds behind Robinson for 2nd place. A softer Candlestick surface would be sweet payback for Robinson’s aching back after a wicked McLaren Park experience. Robinson is currently slated to ride Saturday’s 1st round of the Boulder Classic, but not for Sunday – Justin – you flying back and defend your Candlestick title?

The significant UCI weekend in Boulder has lured a trio of Northern California’s top Women with Series leader Kerlin, Rachel Lloyd and Sarah Maile heading for the high country and UCI points. Kerlin led a 1-2 finish for the Lobsters at McLaren Park in the Elite Women's contest with Stella Carey the runnerup and her absence opens the door for a new series leader to emerge. And reigning US Masters Champ James Coats earned first row call-up with his victory at a very bumpy McLaren Park and typifies the specialist in the muck. All THREE of his National titles came in messy conditions – at Baltimore in 2000, in Portland in 2003, and last year in Kansas City. You know what he’s wishing for….

No dust? What are the odds?

"Rain, Rain, please DON'T go away"

Tom & Alec Simpson
Pilarcitos Cyclesports
and those Magnificent Mice who Roar

Monday, October 20, 2008

Surf City Cyclocross Clinic Saturday

From Beth Welliver - note the clinic instructors - they got GAME!

Have you wanted to learn how to race cyclocross, or improve your racing in a fun low key atmosphere? Maybe just curious...

What: Surf City Cyclocross Clinic
When: Saturday, October 25th
Where: Soquel High School
Time: 10:00 am
Cost: $20, Juniors attend for free!

Who should attend: Anyone!! If you’re just curious about giving cyclocross a try..if you’ve done a few races and want to improve that dismount/remount/run-up/etc...if your a seasoned racer looking for a few tips to take a few seconds off that lap time..then this clinic is for you!

We’ll have some of the very best cyclocross talent NorCal has to offer there to give expert instruction in all aspects of ‘cross racing:

Ben Jacques-Maynes
Shauna Potocky
Kathleen Bortolussi
Mark Abele
Clark Natwick
Sheila Moon
Barb Howe
Stella Carey
Steven Gile
Cal Giant Team Racers

The clinic will go something like this:
9:30 Registration Opens
10:15 Clinic Start/Instructor Introduction
10:30 Lecture & Skills Work
11:30 Break
11:45 Resume Skills Work on Course
1:30 Lunch - FREE BURRITOS!!
2:00 Open Course

If you’d like to attend, please pre-register at
. (Clinic registration is at the bottom of the page). Registration will also be available on the day of the clinic, but we are ordering lunch from Lety's Tacqueria nearby and want to make certain we have enough yummy burritos for everyone, so please pre-reg if possible!

More info on the clinic is here:

If you have specific questions, please feel free to e-mail me.
Beth Welliver
Velo Bella Surf City Cyclocross Clinic Coordinator

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BASP - McClaren Teaser

Perhaps we should refer to "Lower down" at McLaren Park, Round 1 of the 2008 Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross Series, presented by Kaiser-Permanente/Team Oakland.

Since 2003 and our UCI events we have used barricades that mimic heights seen at UCI events both stateside and in Flanders. Those barricades have seen a lot of use, almost 30 events and are getting a little tired - lots of scars from chainrings, cleats and who-knows-what-else. Some of you know that we completed a garage project this spring and we've got some leftovers! Extra floor joists, almost 11' wide and only 12" high. (Don;t tell Alec because HIS tape measure
said 14"). What's that mean? Maybe, with some careful placement, hurdle-hopping time!

For those of you familiar with McLaren Park in our past 2 years 2008 will have a few new twists to throw into the mix. The fabulous soccer fields are finished and you'll be sharing the parking lots with heaps of soccer players. That's also caused a slight revision to our circuit. We still start on pavement under the alley of pines, turn quickly onto the outfield of the softball diamond to encounter the "Beast", the traditional 30 meter run-up before encountering McLaren Park back country. We're going to shorten the topside of McLaren this year because....we've been invited to race on the football field adjacent to the start/finish zone. We've taken 500 meters from the topside and replaced it with 500 meters of football field grass. That's also where the 50 meter long "Super Quad" lives - those 4 new ex-floor joists - now 12" high barricades. 4 in a row and
then a short distance back into pine tree alley and the start/finish zone. As we say in France, "Ooooh La La!"

More coming this week

Tom & Alec Simpson
Pilarcitos Cyclesports
and many Roaring Mice-kateers

Friday, September 26, 2008

CCCX #2 This Sunday at Ft Ord

The race that will be CCCX #2 at Ft Ord this coming Sunday will take place on some classic cycling trails in the old Travel Camp area of the former Army Base. This is a secluded portion of Ft Ord where many CCCX battles have been fought out between Nor-Cal's most outstanding cyclists.
The race route will feature sections used in previous Cyclocross editions of the Travel Camp, as well as a different portion of trail or two to spice things up.
Until the rains come, the dirt quality ranges from hard-packed and fast in some sections. To loose, sandy, slippery, and non grippy in other parts. Tire pressure and selection of tread will be a key component to posting fast laps on the classic CCCX Travel Camp Cross course.
Top finishers in all divisions will receive medals and tasty Cal-Giant Inc. Strawberries at the podium presentations. Please remember that the awards will start directly after each race. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who finish high in your division please stay close to the awards area as medals will be handed out directly following each event. Top placing Women and Men Elite riders, and Master A 35+ & 45+ riders will receive a cash payout at awards depending upon field sizes.
Please drive slow when in Ft Ord, and especially when driving in the back country toward the travel camp where there are many other users of the area, such as runners, horse riders, and other cyclists enjoying the great roads and trails of Ft Ord.
There will be a free kids race at 12:00 noon. Please check Rick Rasmusen's photos from race #1 of the kids race. The kids put on quite a show, and produced some of the best photos from race #1.
Here is a link to Ricks' excellent pictures:
Here is a link to the directions to CCCX #2.
It has also just been announced that CCCX #3 - The NCNCA CUP Opener - scheduled for Oct.12 will now be taking place at Laguna Seca Raceway, home of the Sea Otter Classic. Rumors have been flying around that the Sea Otter Classic will host a Cyclocross race at its event in 2009. The CCCX Series- and the NCNCA CUP Opener is honored to be the first ever Cross race held at Laguna Seca Raceway. And the course used for the NCNCA Cup Race #1 on Oct. 12 could be a preview of the race route used at the Sea Otter Classic.
NCNCA Cup Info can be found here:
Hope to see you at the races,
Drive safe, Ride safe, and Have Fun!
Dusty Downs

Monday, September 22, 2008

2008 NCNCA Cup presented by Santa Cruz - New Sponsors, Races, and Venues


2008 NCNCA Cup presented by Santa Cruz - New Sponsors, Races, and Venues

3 Santa Cruz Stigmata Frames and Timbuk2 bags up for grabs

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - September 22, 2008 - Santa Cruz Bicycles has signed on as the title sponsor for the 2008-2009 NCNCA Cup and will be offering up 3 Santa Cruz Stigmata frames to lucky winners at the series finale on Jan. 4th. Timbuk2 Designs has also graciously kicked in custom NCNCA Cup embroidered messenger bags for series winners in all categories.

The NCNCA Cup is a regional premier series collecting the best and most popular cyclocross races in Northern California and Nevada and combining them into one region-wide, season-long championship series. Now in its second year, the NCNCA Cup is bigger and better with an expanded prize list and new race venues.

2008 NCNCA Cup Races

For our 2008-2009 NCNCA Cup Schedule, we have spiced things up a bit. The series will kick off on October 12th on a brand new CCCX course - Keith Defiebre is finalizing one of two courses that he promises will be among the finest cx courses Nor-cal has to offer (UPDATE: looks like Laguna Seca!). Race Two on October 26th is the spooky return of Velo Bella's always fun, always hilarious Spirit of Surf City Halloween Race at Soquel HS. New this year is a back-to-back weekend (races 3-4) on November 8-9 with the Sacramento and Sagebrush series' teaming up for a great weekend of racing. Kick off the road trip with a journey to one of our district's best courses at Sagebrush's Hidden Valley Park in Reno on Saturday, then on the way back, hit Rich Maile's humdinger of a course at Discovery Park in Sacrameno on Sunday on the return trip. Race 5 on November 30th, will be the return of Bay Area Super Prestige's most popular venue, Golden Gate Park. And finally, on January 4th (finals) the NCNCA Cup takes its first foray into the "Peak Season" and celebrates the New Year with a grand finale at everyone's favorite venue - Watsonville Fairgrounds. Everyone should be on-hand to enjoy some epic racing, cheer on the series winners, and cross their fingers that they'll go home with some great prizes - maybe even one of the Santa Cruz frames...


  • October 12, 2008 - CCCX (Laguna Seca)
  • October 26, 2008 - Velo Bella (Soquel HS)
  • November 8, 2008 - Sagebrush Series (Hidden Valley Park, Reno, NV)
  • November 9, 2008 - Sacramento Series (Discovery Park, Sacramento)
  • November 30, 2008 - Bay Area Super Prestige Series( Golden Gate Park, SF)
  • January 4, 2008 - Peak Season Cyclocross Series (Watsonville Fairgrounds)

2008 NCNCA Cup Categories
The 2008 NCNCA Cup Categories are unchanged, though all racers in all categories are eligible for the raffle.

  • A Men
  • A Women
  • B Men
  • B Women
  • Master 35 A Men
  • Master 35 A Women
  • Master 45 A Men
  • Junior Men
  • Junior Women
  • Singlespeed

In continuing with the grass-roots spirit of the event, most of the NCNCA Cup prizes - including the 3 Santa Cruz Stigmata frames - will be given away to lucky winners in raffle following the final event on Jan. 4. This year we have a new incentive for attendance in the series - the more you race the better your chances at winning a prize. For every series race you enter*, you will receive one entry into the final raffle on Jan 4th. Additional raffle tickets may be purchased at the final event for $10 each.

*Note that all riders in non-scored events will also receive entries into the raffle. You must attend the final event in order to be eligible for the raffle.

More to Come...

Stay tuned for more announcements about NCNCA Cup Apparel and new sponsors as information becomes available.

About Santa Cruz Bicycles
While primarily known for cutting edge full suspension mountain bikes, by dint of name alone, Santa Cruz Bicycles has an obligation to cyclocross. IF you're gonna have a bike company based in surf city, you should probably step up and get dirty in wintertime. That obligation was largely ignored (with the exception of a handful of masochistically inclined employees) until the fall of 2007, when the Stigmata was quietly introduced.

It's a no BS 'cross bike. Light, sweet handling, made right here in the Yew Ess of Ehh, out of Easton tubing, the Stigmata is the bike for the other half of the misfit army that works here at SCB. We don't expect it to set the world on fire in terms of sales, but it is the bike that those of us here wanted, so that we could race something with our name on it.

About Timbuk2 Designs
Timbuk2 Designs, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets bags, packs and accessories for the outdoor, bicycle and travel markets. Timbuk2 was founded in 1989 by a San Francisco bicycle messenger and is best known for its signature tri-panel, multi-color design and distinctive “swirl” logo. The company also allows consumers to select custom color combinations on its award-winning website. Information about Timbuk2 and its products can be found at The company is privately held and based in San Francisco.

More Info:
Santa Cruz Bicycles
Timbuk2 Designs
NCNCA Cup Blog
NCNCA Cyclocross Website
Central Coast Series
Velo Bella Spirit of Surf City Cyclocross
Sacramento Series
Sagebrush Series
Peak Season Series

John Funke
Northern California and Nevada Cycling Association (NCNCA) Cyclocross Webmaster and NCNCA Cup Promoter


Friday, September 19, 2008

Central Coast Cyclocross Race #1 This Sunday at FT ORD in Monterey

The CCCX Cross Series will open its racing action for the 2008 edition this coming Sunday Sept. 21 at the former Army Base of Ft Ord. The race course will be a fast affair with lots of trails being used in the enchanted forest section of land known as the Happy Trails. The course has 2 distinct pavement sections, lots of hard packed dirt sections, a plethora of twisting turns, and sand obstacles that are just soft enough to require skill and fitness to conquer.
The race course is fun to ride, but will be a true challenge when battled at full throttle. There will be 3 or 4 dismount sections depending on ones skill level. As well as a few climbing sections to break up the high speeds on most of the course.
Here is a video link to the racing action on a similar course during the 2007 season. This years course will be run in the opposite direction then the route on the video. The registration- parking area & start/finish will be in a different area then last years course.
Series info can be found here-
Directions to registration can be found here- http://cccx. org/2008/ directionsEGarri son4.htm
Please follow signs to parking area near registration.
The start/finish area is approx 1/3 of a mile from registration, and parking is limited in this area, so please plan accordingly.
At each race the CCCX Series will have cash payouts to Elite Men & Elite Women's fields, as well as the Master 35+ A & Master 45+ A divisions. There will also be medals going out to top finishers in all divisions. At 12:00 p.m. there will be a free kids race.
This area of Ft Ord is a great place to ride your bike, so please enjoy the roads and trails of the former Army Base. Drive slowly as the speed limit is strictly enforced.
The CCCX Series would like to thank all of the sponsors who support the racing action. Series Champions will receive a custom CCCX winners jersey presented from the series sponsors.
Family Cycling Center
Calabazas Cyclery
The Bicycle Trip
Joselyns Bikes
TrailHead Cyclery
Castro Valley Cyclery
Pegasus Bicycle Works
Scotts Valley Cyclesport
X- Fusion
Amino Vital
Hot Shoppe Design
California Giant Berry Farms.
Monster Energy Drinks
The CCCX Series would also like to thank all of the racers who have competed in the Cross races over the past 11 years!
Here is a list of last years division champions-
ELITE MEN Aaron O'Dell HRS/Rock Lobster
ELITE WOMEN Stella Carey HRS-Rock Lobster
CATEGORY B WOMEN Nicole Bumbaca Specialized
CATEGORY C WOMEN Beth Welliver Velo Bella/KONA
MASTER WOMEN 35+ Beverly Chaney Roaring Mouse Cycles
MASTER WOMEN 45+ Henrietta Stern Hot Flash Chicks
SINGLE SPEED WOMEN Melanie D. DDDDDDDominguez Bicycle Trip/SCCCC
MASTER MEN 35+ A Mark Howland Blackmarket Racing
MASTER MEN 45+ A Mark Abele Black Market Racing
CATEGORY B MEN Mathew Talbott Altezza 40
MASTER MEN 35+ B Tom Ryan Kaiser Permanente/Team Oakland
MASTER MEN 45+ B Jeffrey Bramlett Palo Alto
MASTER MEN 55+ Bob Guglielmelli Central Coast Magazine
SINGLE SPEED MEN B Joe Fabris Fightin' Bobas
CATEGORY C MEN Tyler Frasca SV Cycle Sport
JUNIOR MEN 14-18 Erik Young Bicycle Trip
JUNIOR MEN 13 & UNDER Thomas Mendoza Bicycle Trip/SCCCC
Bicycle Trip/SCCCC