Friday, September 26, 2008

CCCX #2 This Sunday at Ft Ord

The race that will be CCCX #2 at Ft Ord this coming Sunday will take place on some classic cycling trails in the old Travel Camp area of the former Army Base. This is a secluded portion of Ft Ord where many CCCX battles have been fought out between Nor-Cal's most outstanding cyclists.
The race route will feature sections used in previous Cyclocross editions of the Travel Camp, as well as a different portion of trail or two to spice things up.
Until the rains come, the dirt quality ranges from hard-packed and fast in some sections. To loose, sandy, slippery, and non grippy in other parts. Tire pressure and selection of tread will be a key component to posting fast laps on the classic CCCX Travel Camp Cross course.
Top finishers in all divisions will receive medals and tasty Cal-Giant Inc. Strawberries at the podium presentations. Please remember that the awards will start directly after each race. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who finish high in your division please stay close to the awards area as medals will be handed out directly following each event. Top placing Women and Men Elite riders, and Master A 35+ & 45+ riders will receive a cash payout at awards depending upon field sizes.
Please drive slow when in Ft Ord, and especially when driving in the back country toward the travel camp where there are many other users of the area, such as runners, horse riders, and other cyclists enjoying the great roads and trails of Ft Ord.
There will be a free kids race at 12:00 noon. Please check Rick Rasmusen's photos from race #1 of the kids race. The kids put on quite a show, and produced some of the best photos from race #1.
Here is a link to Ricks' excellent pictures:
Here is a link to the directions to CCCX #2.
It has also just been announced that CCCX #3 - The NCNCA CUP Opener - scheduled for Oct.12 will now be taking place at Laguna Seca Raceway, home of the Sea Otter Classic. Rumors have been flying around that the Sea Otter Classic will host a Cyclocross race at its event in 2009. The CCCX Series- and the NCNCA CUP Opener is honored to be the first ever Cross race held at Laguna Seca Raceway. And the course used for the NCNCA Cup Race #1 on Oct. 12 could be a preview of the race route used at the Sea Otter Classic.
NCNCA Cup Info can be found here:
Hope to see you at the races,
Drive safe, Ride safe, and Have Fun!
Dusty Downs


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